Born on June 15 of 1976

From a very early age in his childhood he began experimenting drawing and painting in an innate, intuitive and passionate way. During his years in elementary school he was introduced to the study of fine arts. At the age of 19 he entered university to major in graphic design, but decides in his first year to dedicate all of  his energy to art; and so, then he entered to The National School of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires.

At the age of 24 he traveled to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, where he began to give painting and drawing lessons at the city’s cultural center, “La Casa de la Cultura”. In that same year he made exhibitions in several galleries in the area and begins a tour around the cultural centers of the Mexican Caribbean. In 2004 he traveled to Europe where he achieves his first exhibitions at galleries in Spain and France.

A complete artist who in addition to painting and drawing, has dabbled in sculpture, engraving, murals and different systems of composition.

He has walked through realism, surrealism, cubism, expressionism, abstraction and has realized that they can be unified in a single style, evolving constantly in a different, original and vibrant work full of mixed techniques, amazing characters of his creation, hidden figures, surreal landscapes and unusual situations filled with intense colors, exuberant reliefs, strokes and textures. He is also the creator of innovative techniques, such as his interactive work that can change constantly depending on the mood of the viewer, and of his recognized work in high relief (paintings-sculptures) made with foam and over 15 different materials mixed.


A lifetime of experimentation has led him to achieve more than 90 international exhibitions and several awards. In addition, to having his own studio-gallery open to the public at “La Quinta Avenida” in Playa del Carmen, where he currently lives.

Gastón Charó

Main artist, founder, director and curator of Gastón Charó Gallery. 

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