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R. Urbina

He uses a mixed technique, which consists in putting together different materials, such as acrylic, Chinese ink, watercolor, markers, resin, aerosol, pencils, and more. 
Sometimes a piece could be done with over three different techniques and styles. He likes using vegetable-based inks like coffee, and mostly anything he can take color from, even chlorine. 
He has ventured in all types of styles, ways of expressing himself and has tried many sources of inspiration. 
In 2004 he started giving drawing and painting lessons at Casa de la Cultura in Cancún, and on Tv shows. In 2006 he started his career as a visual artist and plastic arts teacher.
Nowadays there are 56 murals of his authorship, some of them are the restoration of “El árbol del Chique” at Palacio Municipal that now is part of city heritage, 8 de Octubre Theatre, among others.
He has 19 individual exhibits and is featured in 25 group exhibitions. He has sold pieces to collectors from Spain, France, Hawaii, the US, Latin America. He also owns a clothing brand.

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