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L. Lica

With more than 50 years of experience in Plastic Arts and Interior Design, Lica has studied, in different eras, times, and cities: painting, sculpture, engraving, wood carving, ceramics, goldsmithing, enamel on metals, fresco , Japanese engraving and burin against grain, and an Update course on "Alternative Engraving Techniques for Master Engravers" with Maestra Carmen Alarcón in Guadalajara Jalisco, in 2016.


"I have received various recognitions and awards, the last one: 3rd place "Municipal Award of Solidarity Arts 2019" in the Engraving category and Recognition in the Painting category, also in the same contest. I have been a teacher of Natural Drawing, Drawing of the Human Figure, Artistic Anatomy, Plastic Representation Techniques, Modeling, Sculpture, and Engraving Techniques. I have exhibited on more than 40 occasions collectively and on more than 20 individually. 


Her work has sometimes been classified as magical realism, others as hyperrealism, or as surreal. “The ways in which the viewer can feel or appreciate my work are very varied. I think that expressionist would be the closest thing to what I do because I really do what comes to my mind. As for techniques, I handle a large number of them, for a long time I liked working in dry pastel, although I also master drawing (I love drawing the human figure) in charcoal, sanguine and graphite; watercolor, acrylic, oil, encaustic and mixed techniques. In the engraving I work etching, aquatint, xylography and xylography against fiber, drypoint, linography, collography”.

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