Santa Clara, 1969. finished studies: 1992. My first influences and motivations came from an excellent and peculiar artist called Alexeir Díaz, to whom I owe a “good starting point” to my collages and a part of my ethical and aesthetic vision of the artistic work. 

I went already to the Fine Arts Academy “San Alejandro” with my own expressions until I reached these artworks I introduce now, and which I hope being able to take to three-dimensional objects or “dolls” in the future, a sort of soft little sculptures on which I can give expression and enlarge my canvas techniques.

Beefy women figures are a constant, with that I intend to represent the beauty of women on her maternal phase.


My personal experience on that sense took me to this imagining that I like and I find amusing because. After so many centuries of paintings and academies, the artists want to keep having fun with what we do, because it seems like after the Mona Lisa there’s nothing left to do.