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Craft artist from Durango, he expresses a deep love for life and nature through different roads which are always experimenting and risky; using untraditional materials in his craft. Extravagant compositions in his paintings and complex audiovisual work, always pouring imagination and originality.

As a craftsman, he has delved in jewelry and traditional cartonry, fusing that experience to his knowledge on painting and sculpturing as a result.

He has created a very original proposal, sculptures of moderate format on a technique called "Artistic Wiring". This surprising technique has been practiced by him since almost a decade ago and with it Oton gives form to fantastic animals, quimeras, insects, performers and impossible objects that come to life and shape through the prodigious work of his hands and surreal mind.

Drawn with wire, he transforms this boring material into dreams and delirious fantasies, with unique pieces.


They represent the vision of an artist that amazes and shares this honest passion for what he does.

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