Art Gallery in La Quinta Avenida, Playa del Carmen for over 11 years and more than 18 years on the Mayan Riviera.


Started as Gastón Charó’s studio to then evolve into a place where to expose art and all it’s different ramifications: from sculptures to paintings, engraving, photographs,  jewelry and much more.


Exposing mainly Gastón Charó’s work which depicts an exotic combination of cubism, surrealism and expressionism.

Gastón Charó Gallery is the perfect expression of the concept of art being a universal language that goes beyond every country’s borders to unify people in the expression of the self through art. 

The Art Gallery also exhibits several national and international artist offering a wide variety of styles and techniques in order to satisfy every person’s need.


Main Artist, founder, director an curator of Gastón Charó Gallery.

Interactive Paintings and Rock Paintings creator. Over 30 years creating.


Supporting over 40 national and international artists. 

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